Digital delivery for remote workforces

The past year has highlighted more than ever the need for connection and interaction, regardless of location.
Our array of digital delivery options allow remote workers and staff spread around across the globe to all benefit our content, expert speakers and facilitators.

Digital delivery capabilities

Sano can tailor packages for digital delivery that integrate the people, systems and technologies from world of elite sport to help reduce the risk of injury and improve health and engagement for your staff.

Well-being in your inbox

12 week email education program

Our Mind Bites program is a 12 week email newsletter campaign designed to educate and inspire your staff. 

We create and deliver the right content for providing safe, scientifically validated advice and education to broad audiences. Our focus is on positive behaviour change – supporting your people to learn effective ways to improve and sustain good health.

Campaign can be tailored from daily to monthly communication, via print and email, to video and other visual aids, we tailor content, format and delivery to best support you and your team.

Campaign topics can include;

  • Practical nutrition series
  • Winning on all levels series
  • Physical movement series
  • Mindfulness & breathing series

Online zoom workshop series

Our online zoom workshop series allow participants to dive deeper into various health and well-being topics. Our expert facilitators design each series to provide a base foundation of knowledge complimented by actionable take aways. This allows participants to start making changes immediately through small but important progressive steps. We have a number of different presenters and topics and are able to tailor series to your businesses needs.

Trevor Hendy

Lead self - Lead others

Trevor Hendy works in the field of Personal Truth and Wellness. He is a Life Coach, Mentor, Author and Wholistic personal trainer who specialises in helping people discover their own answers for why they haven’t yet created the life they truly want. This series explores how to lead self in order to lead others. The following topics are covered over 6 weeks;

  • Self – Awareness
  • Vulnerability in leadership
  • Mindfulness applications for leading teams
  • High-Performance habits
  • Hero, Hardship, Highlight
  • Power of Influence
Dr Craig Hassed


Dr Craig Hassed is renowned as a pioneer for the use of mindfulness meditation within the medical world and beyond. Not only does he teach his students to use it within their medical practice, but he also encourages mindfulness for their personal use as a means of reducing stress and promoting focus during exams and study. This series explores mindfulness and how you can use it to improve performance, motivation and output. The following topics are covered over 6 weeks;

  • Introduction to mindfulness
  • Mindfulness for mental health
  • Being driven to distraction
  • Mindful communication
  • Stress, performance & motivation
  • Mindfulness for decision making and creativity
Elyse Comerford


Elyse Comerford is a well known Nutritionist and Gut health expert, and founder of Well Belly Health Clinic. In this package Elyse takes you through the basic principles of nutrition, building on them throughout each session to give you a well rounded approach to your health, with actionable steps and practical advice along the way. Elyse’s presentation style makes the concepts easy to grasp, and presents each topic in a practical way aimed at reducing the stress, overwhelm and confusion which commonly arise when addressing diet and how to be healthy.

This series explores nutrition and gut health. The following topics are covered over 6 weeks;

  • Nutrition foundations
  • Whole foods
  • Sugars and fats
  • Intermittent fasting and low carb diets
  • Deep dive into gut health part 1
  • Deep dive into gut health part 2
Via Zoom

One Day Virtual Retreat for leadership teams

  • Self–Awareness
  • Vulnerability in leadership
  • Mindfulness applications for leading teams
  • High-Performance habits
  • Hero, Hardship, Highlight
  • Influence
  • Breath-work
30 minutes on zoom

Weekly online mind break sessions

  • Meditation/breathing sessions to provide a space for mental recovery (all staff)

Online performance coaching

  • 1-1 coaching sessions to integrate learnings after any of the above programs

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